Strong support for energy efficiency measures in Ukrainian cities

NEFCO has signed new loan agreements with six Ukrainian municipalities in order to promote energy efficiency investments in the cities of Sumy, Chernivisti, Cherkasy, Berdychiv, Kolomyia and Komsomolsk. The upcoming projects will pave the way for investments in the installation of new LED street lights as well as a number of measures aimed at refurbishing public buildings such as pre-schools and schools. 

Energy efficient water supply in Lutsk

NEFCO and the water company PUC Lutskvodokanal in north-western Ukraine have signed a loan agreement aimed at upgrading the city’s water supply and drainage systems. NEFCO’s loan of EUR 495,000 will enable Lutskvodokanal to invest in the reconstruction of underground water intakes, modernise three pumping stations with new equipment and introduce a better monitoring system for the water supply system.

Improved manure management at pig farm in Ukraine

NEFCO and the Danish-Ukrainian company LLC DFU Agro have signed a loan agreement aimed at upgrading the latter’s production facilities in Korosten in Ukraine. One of the aims of the project is to improve the manure treatment procedures at the farm by establishing closed manure storage lagoons and by upgrading the current distribution of manure. The existing farm buildings will also be refurbished and a new ventilation system will be installed.

Award for highlighting chemicals

The Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists has awarded Senior Adviser Anja Nystén at NEFCO for her communications work, which highlights the effects of chemical substances on everyday life. Nystén keeps a blog called Kemikaalikimara and has published two books related to the abundance of chemical compounds and their impact on the environment and human health.

NEFCO becomes a shareholder in GreenStream

NEFCO has become a substantial shareholder in GreenStream Network Ltd to support the latter’s investments in energy-efficiency projects in China. The recently signed shareholders agreement with existing and new shareholders forms part of a comprehensive financing round in which the GreenStream Group has secured EUR 5.4 million of joint equity and debt financing to expand its business operations.

The Ukrainian city of Slavutych invests in energy efficiency

NEFCO and the Municipality of Slavutych in Ukraine have signed a loan agreement on financing energy-efficiency investments. The project aims to roll out a range of energy-efficiency measures at Primary and Secondary School 4 as well as to upgrade the street lighting system in the city.

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German heavy metal music booms from the car's speakers as we approach Vitebsk, north-eastern Belarus. The beautiful natural landscape flickers past the windows whilst the singer's hoarse roaring voice hurls us back to the urban reality. We have been picked up in the car by consultant Mikhail Vasilevich in Minsk and are on the way to the OJSC Keramika factory in Vitebsk to take a look at the local reality of what happens on the factory floor.

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