Nordic Climate Facility

The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) finances projects that have a potential to combat and/or adapt to climate change and reduce poverty in low-income countries. The facility is financed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). NCF encourages and promotes technological innovation in areas susceptible to climate change such as: energy, transport, water and sanitation, health, agriculture, and forestry and other areas related to natural resource management. NCF encompasses both mitigation and adaptation or combinations thereof.

The five calls for proposals launched between 2009-2015 have attracted a total of around 600 applications, and so far this facility has succeeded in generating the financial resources needed for the implementation of some 50 mitigation and adaptation projects. All of these projects are located and implemented in close cooperation with one or more local partners in developing countries.

Many of the NCF projects have already demonstrated considerable positive and concrete results, including for future local business development, and, as such, represent very valuable up-scaling potential and a lessons-learned tool relevant to swifter implementation of the needed paradigm shift. NCF has also shown that it is possible to mobilise private climate funding, as the total value of the project activity of some EUR 34 million includes 41% own co-financing, of which 77% stems from private co-investments.

In December 2015 at COP21 in Paris three NCF supported activities were among 16 projects awarded with the United Nations Momentum for Change Award, which is given to innovative and replicable climate projects.

The NCF Results Report 2017 can be downloaded on the right.

For more information about NCF's future calls, please visit Nordic Climate Facility's web page.

For additional information on previous calls, please contact Manager Kari Hämekoski by e-mail at kari.hamekoski [at] or by phone on +358 10 618 0660.