Fund Management

If you need help to manage your climate funds and identify good environmental projects to invest in, NEFCO may be able to assist you. NEFCO offers a wide range of fund management services, not only to its owners, the Nordic governments, but also to non-Nordic donors and investors.

In addition to the Nordic governments, the list of donors to and investors in the project-specific funds presently managed by NEFCO includes the EU, Germany, Russia, the USA, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Development Fund, the Saami Council, and private companies. NEFCO also acts as the Implementing Agency of projects for large trust funds.

Furthermore, NEFCO was an early participant in the project-based segment of the carbon markets and, in this capacity, mobilised significant new investments for climate change mitigation, including private investors through participation in its carbon funds.

In recognition of its high fiduciary fund management standards, NEFCO has passed the European Commission’s pillar assessment and is eligible to manage EU funds.

In addition to the projects financed by NEFCO’s own capital, through the so-called Investment Fund, NEFCO’s fund management represents a total portfolio of over 600 small and medium-sized private as well as public projects spread across different sectors in over 60 countries. In total, NEFCO manages about 30 trust funds valued at some EUR 400 million. These include projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.