Programme for Environment and Climate Co-operation

The Programme for Environment and Climate Co-operation (PECC) provides grant financing for co-operation projects between Nordic and Northwest Russian non-commercial partners to mutually benefit the environment and climate at the regional and local levels.

The Programme

The purpose of the Programme is to contribute directly to create an improved status of the environment and climate in Northwest Russia and indirectly lead to improvements in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the whole Barents Region by financially supporting the implementation of relevant co-operation projects at the regional and local levels in Northwest Russia.

The Programme encourages implementation of projects and other initiatives that benefit the environment and climate, seeking to:

  • Prevent and reduce pollution
  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances
  • Improve biodiversity and protect endangered species
  • Increase capacity for dealing with ecological disasters and emergencies

The Programme will target the following fields, among others:

  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Energy savings and improved energy efficiency
  • Cleaner production and sustainable consumption
  • Sustainable city and land-use planning
  • Protection of nature

The co-operation projects should be aimed at exchanging experience and establishing sustainable networks between the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia, and to qualify for funding there needs to be as a minimum a lead Nordic partner and a local partner in Northwest Russia.

Grant financing can be awarded to a lead Nordic non-commercial partner (public Nordic institutions or non-profit organisations at the regional or municipal levels - applicants) for the implementation of projects with environmental and climate benefits in co-operation with one or more non-commercial corresponding local partners located in Northwest Russia and possibly also in another Nordic country. Selected proposals may receive grant financing from EUR 30,000 to EUR 200,000 subject to certain co-financing requirements.

Eligible project activities include:

  • Development of networks and exchanges of experience
  • Awareness raising
  • Technology transfer and development
  • Spreading of best practices
  • Development of monitoring practices
  • Competence building at expert level
  • Feasibility studies preparing investments

The Programme is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Barents Hot Spots Facility (BHSF) and administered by NEFCO.

How to apply for financing from the Programme?

Available funding from the Programme is based on calls for proposals. The first calls for proposals was announced during spring 2017.

Eventual future calls for proposals will be announced at this page.

For additional information about the Programme, please contact Senior Adviser Henrik G Forsström, +358 10 6180 638 or henrik.forsstrom [at] (henrik.forsstrom [at]