Project Specific Funds

NEFCO administers several trust funds on behalf of different donors and investors for support of environmental and climate projects. The purpose of these trust funds varies from facilitating project preparation, such as feasibility studies, to providing funding for the evaluation of the environmental results achieved through NEFCO’s investments, provision of financing to the implementation of project and the purchase of carbon credits

All trust fund activities have to be in line with NEFCO's overarching goal to promote projects with positive environmental and climate impacts. In 2014, NEFCO managed 31 trust funds valued at EUR 388 million. NEFCO provides the donors and investors with annual accounts for each and every trust fund managed by the corporation. The accounts are also disseminated to NEFCO's Board of Directors and the Control Committee.

The list of donors and investors to these project-specific funds includes the Nordic governments, the European Commission, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the U.S., Russia as well as a number of private investors.

For more information on NEFCO’s trust fund management assignments, please see the page Fund Management under this section and/or contact info [at]