All of NEFCO’s financing activities are focused on generating positive environmental and climate results and promoting sustainable development. The Environmental and Sustainability Guidelines set out the key principles applied by NEFCO to assess project proposals and ensure that the projects that have been financed live up to NEFCO’s high environmental and sustainability standards. In relation to NEFCO’s trust fund assignments these Guidelines may be supplemented by special donor requirements.

Any person affected or involved in activities financed by or through NEFCO, who wishes to obtain information from NEFCO about environmental and social matters or make a complaint about these matters, is kindly asked to contact NEFCO by using the below form.

Inquiries and complaints can be submitted anonymously, without revealing the identity of the source, but NEFCO strongly encourages disclosure of identity to enable a thorough investigation. Anonymous allegations are commonly more difficult to investigate and may not fully address all of the complainant’s concerns.

We recommend that you use the electronic form, but post can also be sent to the following address:
Environment and technology unit
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
Fabianinkatu 34
P.O. Box 241
FI-00171 Helsinki

To ensure confidentiality, mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL.

Environmental and social inquiries and complaints

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