The Nordic Initiative for Energy Efficiency and Humanitarian Support – Ukraine (NIU) finances energy-efficiency improvements in public buildings in five regions in Eastern Ukraine.

In October 2014, the foreign ministers of the Nordic countries, on the initiative of Norway, decided to establish a grant-financed programme for urgent investments needed to achieve quick and visible results for reconstruction in Eastern Ukraine. The NIU programme became operational the same year.


The initiative, to date EUR 15 million, is financed by Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Nordic Environmental Development Fund, which include contributions from all Nordic countries, NEFCO and the Nordic Council of Ministers. NEFCO is the implementing agency for the program.

Available funding

Grant financing is provided to municipalities in Eastern Ukraine, varying between EUR 100,000 – 600,000, and in some projects combined with loan financing from NEFCO. More information about available funding under the Facility for Energy Saving Credits.


Amund Beitnes

Investment Director

+358 10 6180 658
Norwegian, English, Russian, Spanish

Irina Fedorenko

Investment Adviser, Ukraine

+380 96 270 9622
Ukrainian, Russian, English