Agricultural waste turned into energy

The month of November is well underway as we approach the village of Myrne, not far from Odessa in southern Ukraine. Despite this, there is feverish activity in the area’s muddy fields. Thanks to the mild climate at these latitudes, multiple harvests of different crops in the same year are possible.

NEFCO becomes a shareholder in GreenStream

NEFCO has become a substantial shareholder in GreenStream Network Ltd to support the latter’s investments in energy-efficiency projects in China. The recently signed shareholders agreement with existing and new shareholders forms part of a comprehensive financing round in which the GreenStream Group has secured EUR 5.4 million of joint equity and debt financing to expand its business operations.

НЕФКО проведёт мероприятия в рамках Конференции COP24

3-14 декабря в Катовице, Польша, проходит 24-я сессия Конференции Сторон Рамочной Конвенции ООН об изменении климата (РКИК ООН). Во вторник, 11 декабря, в рамках Дня финансовых организаций Северных стран НЕФКО проведёт два мероприятия в Павильоне Северных стран в Катовице и примет участие в панельной дискуссии на официальном параллельном мероприятии РКИК ООН.


13 декабря в Хельсинки состоится четвёртое в этом году заседание Совета директоров НЕФКО.

NEFCO is taking the stage at COP24

The 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is held 3 - 14 December in Katowice in Poland. In connection to the Nordic Finance day on Tuesday 11 December NEFCO is arranging two events in Katowice at the Nordic pavilion and taking part in a panel discussion of an official UNFCCC side event.


Our Board of Directors will convene in Helsinki on 13 December for the fourth board meeting this year.


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