Small steps to a greater impact

Our objective is to generate positive impact on the climate and environment in a cost-efficient way. Both private and public actors benefit from our catalytic early-stage financing and environmental expertise.

Main activities and results in 2018

Look into the highlights of NEFCO in 2018, including activities, development steps and results. For a more comprehensive view on our financial statements, choose the Annual Report file instead.

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Financial and environmental report of 2018

To get a more detailed insight in our financial and environmental results from year 2018, take a look at our Annual Report 2018, which includes the financial statements and the environmental status report.

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Our environmental criteria and guidelines

We welcome project proposals, which aim at generating positive environmental or climate-related results. How does your project fit the criteria?

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How small steps can create greater impact

Focus on projects with high demonstration value

Our financing is targeted at small and medium-sized private and public projects (SMPs) with demonstration value. Many of the numerous SMPs financed by NEFCO are characterised by a pioneering spirit and aimed at testing the application of Nordic green solutions with up-scaling possibilities in local, non-Nordic circumstances. Projects with a high demonstration value have the potential to grow and generate environmental impact that is orders of magnitude greater than our investment. The ultimate goal is to find solutions that benefit the environment and climate in a cost-efficient way.

Providing high additionality

By connecting stakeholders and various financiers to relevant projects, we can provide high additionality and help our owners, other financiers, partners and customers to reach their environmental and sustainability goals.

Our risk financing for small projects, growth-phase companies and risky geographical areas supplements financing offered by the larger IFIs and other financiers. We also facilitate hands-on environmental advice and capacity building to enable our smaller customers and beneficiaries to become better at mobilising additional finance.

Our environmental criteria and guidelines

We welcome project proposals, which aim at generating positive environmental or climate-related results. Each and every project enquiry and application sent to us is assessed from an environmental point of view by our team of environmental experts.

Projects improving the ecological situation in the Baltic Sea, the Barents and the Arctic regions are of special interest to NEFCO. We are also willing to invest in projects that help to boost the implementation of Nordic green solutions on a global scale. We prioritise projects, which generate positive environmental or climate-related impact not only in the project country but also for the Nordic region as a whole.

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Our impact

The projects we have financed have contributed to both emission reductions and cost savings for the beneficiaries.

4.3 M tonnes

Equals to 11.3 million people flying from Stockholm to Barcelona and back

1.68 GWh

Energy savings equalling annual heating of 80.000 Finnish detached houses


People benefitting from our municipal projects in Ukraine

Wish to know more? Anything to report?

Contact our expertise or report about a possible problem related to environmental matters in a project financed by or through NEFCO.