Key figures

NEFCO finances small and medium-sized environmental projects in a cost-efficient way, aiming for replication and mobilisation of green financing at scale.

1448 projects

That have been financed or are under implementation

80 countries

Total number of project countries

€166 m own equity

By the end of 2019

120 new projects

Agreed in 2019

359 projects

Under implementation at the end of 2019

837 private

Number of private projects that have been or are being implemented

363 public

Number of public projects that have been or are being implemented


disbursed to projects in 2019

6.72 million tonnes CO2 in 2019

Avoided amount equals annual emissions from all cars in Finland

979 tonnes P-tot in 2019

Reduced amount equals annual wastewater from all inhabitants in Copenhagen

1.1 TWh

Amount of energy saved, equals the heating of 50,000 detached houses

5,463,520 CERs in 2019

Leveraged through climate fund projects, mostly in waste management


Total sum of funds managed at the end of 2019

350 new jobs each year

As a result of Nopef-funded projects

Funds assigned to NEFCO since 1995

NEFCO’s paid-in capital and retained earnings form the basis for its investment activities. The number of trust fund assignments for dedicated initiatives has also increased steadily, and at the end of 2019 NEFCO managed funds for a total of EUR 619 million.

Total funds managed by NEFCO

Investments and projects by focus area and sectors

The investments carried out in 2019 have a wide sector spread. Climate investments and projects continue to dominate. Energy-efficiency measures are the biggest single category, but there has also been a positive increase in projects related to renewable energy production, cleaner technology and other innovative green solutions through circular economy and resource efficiency.

Agreed and active projects in 2019


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