Applying good procurement practice

Competition is the fundamental principle of good procurement practice. Open, transparent and fair procedures for awarding public sector contracts for procurement of goods/plants, works and services help to create dependable and stable market conditions for private enterprises. They also form the basis for establishing accountability and enhance the cost-effective use of public funds, a matter that is of concern for NEFCO, its owners as well as its countries of operation.

Open, transparent and fair procedures

Open, transparent and fair procedures in line with established international procurement practices are the basis of NEFCO’s Procurement Guidelines. Current Procurement Guidelines were adopted by the NEFCO Board of Directors on 12 December 2013.

We have a set of Procurement Guidelines and Recommended Tender Documents that are applied to projects financed by NEFCO. Download the documents at the bottom of the page.

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Tender notices on other sites

Tender notices for our projects that are being implemented in Ukraine can also be found on the national website under the section Procurement of international donors.

Procurement complaints

Guidance on handling procurement complaints is available on Procurement complaints.

Awarded contracts

In accordance with our transparency policy, we publish a list of awarded contracts on a periodical basis.

Go to the Awarded contracts section to look at the lists >>

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