Nordic Partnership Initiative in Peruvian waste sector

The aim of the Nordic Partnership Initiative (NPI) is to demonstrate how innovative international climate finance solutions can achieve sector wide greenhouse gas emission reductions in developing countries. Using a bottom-up methodology that draws heavily on the input of local stakeholders, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA1) Readiness Programmes have been established in Peru and Vietnam. NEFCO was a founding member of the NPI in 2011 together with the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the initiative was formally launched at the COP17 in Durban, South Africa the same year.

During the Readiness Phase (Phase I) of the NPI concrete financeable proposals of NAMAs were planned as proof-of-concept activities that will drive the development and implementation of further activities.

The NPI Peru programme has a budget of EUR 2,200,000 and is funded by NEFCO and the Nordic countries (through a multi-donor grant agreement administered by NEFCO) and in-kind contribution from MINAM.

The first Phase of the NAMA Programme in Peru was undertaken 2013-2015. This was a national programme focused on municipal solid waste, i.e. household waste and waste from commercial activities. The outputs from this phase are published below. Phase 2 of the NAMA development is currently on-going and further activities have been completed and will still be launched. The work is expected to continue until 2018.

A total of six consulting assignments have been approved by NPI for the Phase II. Please see a list of the assignments beneath.

1) NAMAs are large-scale host country driven emission reduction actions that are supported and enabled by international and domestic financing, technology, and capacity building. NAMAs can be an implementation vehicle for countries to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Final report

Climate action in Peru: Nordic support for waste sector management yields results

Fact sheets

Peru NAMA programme

Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) in NAMAs

Consultancy assignments and reports under phase II

Study on opportunities for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in the Solid Waste Sector in Peru

Analysis of enabling conditions to create supply and demand of municipal solid waste compost in Peru [Summary]

Evaluation of public, private and public-private financial mechanisms and policy instruments for selected cities linked to solid waste NAMA [Summary]

The Assessment of the potential of mitigation of greenhouse gases by the implementation of final disposal infrastructure for solid waste in prioritized territorial area [Summary]

Evaluation of the mitigation potential of greenhouse gases as a result of recycling of plastic, glass, paper and cardboard [Summary]

Strengthening of the information system for solid waste management (SIGERSOL) as a mechanism for monitoring, reporting and verification of the solid waste NAMA [Summary]


Solid waste diagnosis - Executive summary

Report on most relevant types and amounts

GHG inventory for municipal solid waste - Executive summary

BAU Scenario 2010 to 2030 for municipal solid waste - Executive summary

Peru Solid Waste NAMA Concept Note

NAMA performance metrics and MRV system - Executive summary

Monitoring report format

Verification format


Mitigation Actions in the Solid Waste Sector in Peru - NEFCO - COP23 Presentation November 2017

Waste Sector as Part of Peru’s Climate Change Mitigation Plans - MINAM - COP23 Presentation November 2017

Peru NAMA programme - COP 20 Presentation December 2014

Peru municipal waste sector programme - General Presentation March 2016

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The phase I programme was carried out by an international consortium of consultants composed of NIRAS (Denmark), Perspectives (Germany), ECO, Miranda and Amado Abogados and the Pontificial Catholic University (all of Peru) and the Center for Clean Air Policy (USA).