Procurement notices

Projects financed by NEFCO afford procurement opportunities for suppliers, contractors and consultants in relation to goods, works and services.

Within the project “Performance Contracting of Energy Efficiency Measures in Kiev Public Buildings”, co-financed by NEFCO, the Municipal enterprise “Project implementation unit for the Kyiv public building energy efficiency project” (hereinafter - ME "PIU") is launching on 11th March 2016 the local competitive tendering for selection of the contractors for installation of individual heating substations (IHS) equipment in Kyiv public buildings. The tender instructions and specifications are provided on the ME "PIU" website.

Awarded contracts
NEFCO will on a periodical basis publish a description of contracts awarded, the name and nationality of the suppliers, contractors and consultants to which contracts have been awarded and the contract prices, including details of shortlisted consultants who have participated in the selection process leading to contract awards.